Pure Joy

Long-term clients who have a major improvement in their lives bring us such hope.

When this happens, it is a joyful moment and we revel in it with them.

We’d like to share a story or two of hope in the time of COVID.

In the early summer a person who had been living in a tent for over a year got an apartment. It’s not a large apartment, but they can now cook and have refrigeration. They have a space to be out of the elements. We were so excited to change their food order from “no refrigeration, limited open fire cooking” to “regular order”. It was pure joy to pack a regular order for them to carry home to their very own kitchen.

This month, we had another client with a major step forward. This client has been housed, but had no vehicle. Our ability to pack food has been drastically limited by what they could carry over fairly long distances on public transit. We hardly knew what to say when our client arrived in a car. The possibilities for food choices opened up! They took a melon, which would have been impossible to carry before. Milk, eggs, fragile baked goods, all are now possible. Another food order filled with pure joy.

Over time, we get to know people. We weep with them in their worst moments and cheer them on in their best. When they triumph against tremendous odds, we are so excited for them, and often we weep again after they’ve gone. But we weep with pure joy, and it’s completely amazing.

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