#Neighbors@LoudounHunger: 100WomenStrong

As a non-profit, we are constantly seeking funding from those who believe no one should be hungry in Loudoun County, and from corporations and foundations whose missions and visions align with ours.

100WomenStrong is one such funder. They are truly #Neighbors@LoudounHunger.

Over the last decade since their founding in 2008, 100WomenStrong has helped Loudoun Hunger Relief with a variety of grants for needs are a little harder to fund. There are mundane things a non-profit needs to operate well–things like warehouse equipment, vehicles, equipment for educational programs.

The 100WomenStrong grants have helped with the purchases of 3 refrigerated vans, a pallet lift, a mobile cooking cart, the “summer pack” feeding program for school age children during the summer, and most recently, a portion of the funding for our Mobile Food Pantry vehicle, schedule to roll out in the fall of 2019.

100WomenStrong understands that sometimes what helps a non-profit do its work is the least flashy funding need. Refrigerated vans and warehouse equipment are like that: they are so necessary to efficiency and good client service, but they don’t have flashy outcome metrics directly associated with the equipment. 100WomenStrong is one of the good neighbor funders in Loudoun who understands that backend operations matter to agency capacity.

The mission of 100WomenStrong is to ensure that every resident of Loudoun County has the opportunity for success. We couldn’t be prouder to be one of the grant recipients who supports that mission.

To learn more about 100WomenStrong, go to www.onehundredwomenstrong.org and read about the many fabulous projects funded over the last decade!

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