#Neighbors@LHR: LHR Helps Me Move Forward

“Kathleen” is back in Loudoun after living in Florida for awhile. She is living with her mother, and has her three pre-school children at home with her. It’s crowded, but they’ve been making it work. Her mom watches the children while Kathleen clocks 40-60 hours a week at two separate part-time jobs. It’s hard to keep all the schedules in place. Her primary employer doesn’t release the week’s schedule until Sunday afternoon. Then she has to work in as many hours as she can in from her second employer. Some weeks work out better than others.

Recently, Kathleen’s mother was hospitalized. In addition to the stress and worry that brought, Kathleen also had to pay for babysitting, and there hasn’t been much money left over from her paychecks. She knew she had to hold onto her jobs, but after rent and childcare, there was nothing left. She started coming to LHR, and through the generosity of our community partners and donors, we were able to send her home with enough food to help her family through the week. She comes to see us about once a month now, right when the rent is due and the money runs out. Her mom is out of the hospital, and back on her feet.

Kathleen’s family is getting the help they need. She told us “This is helping me move forward, keep my jobs, and take care of my family. Thank you to all the people who help families like ours. I know that things will get better for my family as long as we keep trying. Everyone at LHR makes it easier to ask for help when we need it.”

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