Food Bank News: More Food Pantries Adopt Community-Hub Model

Food banks are not the only types of hunger relief agencies to pair free food alongside other social services (see article here).

Some food pantries are also adding non-food social services like employment help, medical support and financial literacy to their food offerings. They are housing the combined services in newly constructed modern spaces, making it easy for people lacking resources to find all the help they need in one welcoming place.  

It’s a “no-wrong-door approach,” said Jennifer Montgomery, President and CEO of Leesburg, Va.-based Loudoun Hunger Relief, which held a ribbon-cutting in late September to celebrate the opening of its new Community Services Center.

The new center houses a full-choice, free-food market, which Montgomery expects will be a gateway for people to access other services at the center, including help with reading and literacy, job placement, and help for adults with disabilities. In addition, clients can access a pet-food pantry, use a community computer, and get help with applying for services like SNAP and Medicare.

Read the full article from Food Bank News here.

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