Loudoun Now: Dentists Join Candy for Cans Food Drive

Over the next few weeks, area dentist offices will collect Halloween candy and convert it to food donations supporting Loudoun Hunger Relief’s Thanksgiving distribution.

The Candy for Cans campaign is organized by attorney Natasha Gillis who specializes in healthcare.

“As a mom of two, community participation and awareness is a concept that I try to instill in my kids, every day. Part of being a good citizen is being kind and helping in any way that you can, from a simple act of opening the door for someone to providing assistance to someone who needs a hand,” Gillis said. “On a larger scale, many residents enjoy the comforts that Loudoun County offers but there are a lot of people who need help with basic items including food. This shouldn’t happen here where so many people have abundance yet waste resources.  We need to do better as a community to support each other.”

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