Loudoun Hunger Relief’s Market Room

Loudoun Hunger Relief’s Market Room is about a year and a half old. The renovation that created it borrowed a little space from our lobby and a little from our grocery packing room. Most importantly, the renovation provided people with the opportunity to choose their own food.

The space houses the bakery items that have always been available for our clients to choose from, but now also houses non-refrigerated produce, refrigerated produce, miscellaneous shelf-stable grocery items, and miscellaneous frozen items.

When families come to see us, they can choose from the available items. They choose what they know their families will eat rather than being given items that may not suit their needs. New families are always shocked by how good our produce selection is, and how abundant the available items tend to be. The space allows us to show off the healthy produce selection and allows our families to shop the room with dignity. Families still get our regular selection of shelf-stable groceries, dairy and frozen meats packed by our volunteers, but they now also get a better selection of fresh, whole foods than ever before.

The Market Room is a win for everyone!

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