LHR Partner Corner: Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration

Fun Fact: Guess who has offices right next door to the pantry? That’s right! The Loudoun County Elections and Voter Registration Office. We asked our next door neighbor to give us the scoop on elections in Loudoun, and they were kind enough to contribute this guest blog post. If you aren’t registered for the Nov. election, get that done by Oct. 15!

The Loudoun County Office of Elections works year-round to ensure that citizens of our beautiful county have a safe and pleasurable voting experience with the utmost integrity, transparent reporting and accuracy.

One way to ensure this happens is by inviting our community to be involved by serving as Election Officers. Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters from all walks of life come together a few times a year to train on the voting equipment, learn election law requirements and practice with the tools that we supply on Election Day to make the Election Day outcome a success.

We also spend quite a bit of time out and about in Loudoun spreading Election Information. Such as;
• Next Election Day is November 5, 2019
• Polls are open 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.
• Deadline to register to vote – October 15, 2019
• Absentee Voting begins September 20, 2019
• Visit https://loudoun.gov/vote for all Loudoun Election Information

The Office of Elections Outreach section tries to take advantage of every invite opportunity possible to be present at local festivals, community gatherings, visiting senior living facilities, and even back to school nights!

Elections Outreach works very closely with Loudoun County Public Schools throughout the year to register eligible students to vote and teach them how to vote by absentee upon graduation. We offer each High School their own individual text alert feature for the graduating class to opt-in for reminders when to vote when off at college or working.
In addition, we encourage a great Election Day volunteer experience for High School students who are not yet eligible to vote but want to give back through civic engagement. The Election Page program is a volunteer opportunity for High School aged students to attend a training class, get a cool T-Shirt to wear and be assigned a 5-hour shift at a precinct of their choice in Loudoun. Upon completion of service, the Office of Elections issues a certificate and a letter of commendation that is signed by the Director of Elections. In November 2018, we had over 150 High School students volunteer at the polls! The High School that has the highest level of student participation receives a trophy and a visit from Office of Elections staff, and is also recognized in a press release. If you know a Loudoun High School student who may be interested, the link to sign up and get more information is; www.loudoun.gov/election page.

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