Hunger Action Month: Some Loudoun County Stats

Loudoun County is fortunate to have one of the lowest rates of food insecurity in the country, but the impact to our community is still sizable. 3.4% of our estimated 412,000 population, or an estimated 14,000 people, lack the resources to provide themselves with food part of the time. (Data via Feeding America, see link below)

Only about 44% of the people rated as food insecure by Feeding America qualify for SNAP (food stamp) benefits. The remaining 66% make too much money to qualify, but not enough to make it in Loudoun.

Although our overall food insecurity rate is estimated at 3.4%, 17% of our school children qualify for free or reduced price lunches at school. That’s 14,500 children under 18 who eat at school, and whose families may struggle to provide adequate, nutritious food at home.

To put all this in hard income numbers, the (2019) SNAP income threshold for a family of 4 is $33,475. The (2019) free and reduced lunch income threshold for a family of 4 is $47,638.

The bottom line for us at Loudoun Hunger Relief is that any hungry person in Loudoun is one too many. We are particularly concerned about our young families who are barely scraping by.

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