Hunger Action Month: DIY Food Drive

It’s the start of Hunger Action Month, the annual nationwide campaign where we come together to raise awareness about hunger in America and inspire action (Feeding America, 2023). To kick off this month of awareness, we encourage you all to take part in a “DIY Food Drive” for LHR. Every day this month, set aside one unopened and unexpired nonperishable to donate at the end of September. Make it a point to set something aside after you finish dinner or as you’re finishing your morning coffee. By the end of the month, you should have 30 items to donate! If you get everyone in your family involved, and even your friends, you could each have 30 items to donate by the time the month is over.

If you’ve been wanting to help feed neighbors in need but didn’t know where to start, this is it! It’s quick, easy…and you can make it a fun activity for your entire family. At the end of the month, drop your donations off at our pantry located at 750 Miller Dr. Suite 110, Leesburg, VA 20175, Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm or Saturday 9am – 12pm.



“September Is Hunger Action Month.” Feeding America, Accessed 11 Aug. 2023.

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