Freshly Rescued: Food gleaning at the local Farmer’s Market

At Loudoun Hunger Relief, we rescue good food that would otherwise be wasted. Our local grocery stores send us the items that they won’t sell before expiration date. Local farmers bring us their excess production (cue the summer squash). And on the weekends, volunteers from Feed Loudoun and LHR go out from the pantry to visit the area’s farmers markets just before closing.

Each week, volunteers connect with the farm market managers at various sites in Loudoun. The market managers let their participating vendors know that they have an opportunity to donate the food that hasn’t sold that day and that they don’t wish to take back with them. At the peak of the summer growing season, around 1000 pounds of lovely local produce is donated to Loudoun Hunger Relief this way each week.
The rescued produce goes on display in our market room at Loudoun Hunger Relief and families who come to the pantry then select from this fresh, locally grown food.

If you’re interested in helping with the gleaning efforts on Sundays, you have a good driving record, and you aren’t afraid to drive one of our commercial vans, go to and fill out a volunteer application. Indicate your interest in driving one of our Sunday shifts!

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