LHR Partner Corner: Crossroads Jobs

When we work, everyone wins.

Crossroads Jobs provides free job placement assistance to unemployed and underemployed individuals in and around Loudoun County.  The more than 350 placements so far include individuals whose stories reflect the diversity and needs of Loudoun County: victims of domestic abuse, the homeless, returning citizens, individuals with disabilities, the young, the older and everyone in between.  We believe everyone has something to offer and many simply need a coach and cheerleader to put together a plan aimed toward success.

Our program consists of an orientation, a one-on-one interview with a trained job counselor, and a series of workshops which include information on interviewing skills, conflict resolution and setting SMART goals.  We offer our orientation every other week in both English and Spanish.  Orientation in English is hosted at Loudoun Hunger Relief and Orientation in Spanish is hosted at Sterling Library.

In a nutshell, we operate like an old-fashioned employment agency, getting to know our applicants and reaching out to local businesses to establish relationships and learn about available job openings.  We connect our applicants with jobs that fit their skills, experience, needs and goals.  For employers, we provide pre-screened applicants and can provide relevant parts of their stories to fill in any gaps in work history.

We believe in the dignity of work and strive to connect area neighbors with permanent employment, affording them more stability and a greater measure of control in their lives.  Once an individual completes our program, they are part of Crossroads Jobs for as long as needed.  Our ongoing client support focuses on a career path leading to a living wage and beyond – a road to self-sufficiency that can change lives.

When one of our applicants gets a job, we celebrate by ringing our placement bell.  We have had the good fortune to ring the bell 40 times in 2019 and look forward to hearing that wonderful sound throughout the year.  If you know anyone in need of a job, please send them our way.  We have deep appreciation for the struggle individuals face in their search for a job and through our work, we become their greatest fans!

Learn more at https://crossroadsjobs.org

Carol L. Smith is the Executive Director and Founder of  Crossroads Jobs. She and her team of dedicated volunteers have placed more than 100 individuals in jobs in the last 18 months, and more than 350 people have been placed since inception. Carol is one of the non-profit leaders helping to make Loudoun work–for everyone.

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