September is Hunger Action Month. There are many ways to support those in need of food in our community all year long, but in September, we ask your help in […]

It’s Almost Thanksgiving!!!!

This is one of those “it’s practically 2022” posts.   Fall is almost here.   It’s time to make the Thanksgiving Dinner Bags.

1 Million Pounds of Food, 1 Family at a Time

Here at Loudoun Hunger Relief, we hit a dubious milestone at the end of July. From March through July, the first five months of the COVID-19 crisis, we distributed more […]

Just for fun – TP in the Time of Pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen lots of different brands of community generosity. One of the ways people have been generous is toilet paper donations. From the beginning, […]

A marathon AND a sprint….

Loudoun Hunger Relief is moving forward to meet the growing need. Every day brings a new challenge. The need for services is growing just at the time that we can’t […]

It’s a lot….

In the last two weeks, nearly 1000 donors have provided money, food, or other material assistance to us as we geared up our operations for the need we know is […]

Today’s Normal

It’s Tuesday at LHR and we’re living “today’s normal” every day. We are profoundly grateful to so many people who are helping us with food or financial donations. One donor let us […]

Getting through today, preparing for tomorrow

It’s been a busy Monday at Loudoun Hunger Relief. We spent Sunday reviewing CDC social distancing guidelines, and we knew that the pantry is just too small to provide enough […]

Celebrating Leesburg’s Flower Lady

We recently submitted a story about one of our most innovative volunteers to PBS American Portraits. Click on the link below to read Rachel’s story!

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