Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Loudoun Hunger Relief welcomes volunteers from all parts of our community, including corporate groups, faith communities, civic groups, families, individuals, and students who need service hours. What everyone has in common is a desire to serve our neighbors through access to nutritious food. Without the dedication of over 350 people who give more than 12,000 hours of their time in an average year, Loudoun Hunger Relief simply could not fulfill its mission.

We do ask that volunteers  commit to a recurring schedule, or alternatively, sign up to be a substitute for regularly scheduled volunteers who must be absent.

Special note for the Fall/Winter Holidays: Loudoun Hunger Relief is an emergency grocery pantry, serving those in need with grocery supplies to feed their families. We are not a soup kitchen, and we do not serve hot meals.

Are you an individual 17+ that would like to volunteer? Here’s how it works and what to expect:

1. Create your account on VolunteerHub by clicking the link here
2. Sign up for a monthly volunteer orientation.
*The May orientation is fully booked, but you may sign up for the waitlist, if you wish.*
3. Once you attend a volunteer orientation and we determine a mutual fit, your VolunteerHub account will be activated and you can sign up for available shifts.
*Certain positions may require additional training.*
Questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Sababa Siddique at ssiddique@loudounhunger.org or call 703-777-5911, Ext. 107.

Are you part of a larger corporate group/organization that wants to volunteer? 

We have different opportunities available for you and your corporation to get involved with the community. Please take a look at the corporate engagement page here to find what works best for you!

Are you part of a smaller group, faith, or civic organization that wants to volunteer? 

Contact the Community Engagement Manager, Elizabeth Milkie at emilkie@loudounhunger.org or call 703-777-5911, Ext. 122 with your volunteer interest.
Please understand that we must staff our shifts well in advance, and that we may not be able to accommodate your group if you have a very specific date or time requirements for your volunteer service. 
We ask that you contact us to make volunteer arrangements at least a month from your anticipated service need to give us time to coordinate your group event.


1. Our organization wants to do a food drive for LHR. Where can I get more information? 
If you or your organization is looking to host a food drive, please visit our Food Drive page to register your drive and see a list of our most needed items year round.
2. My child wants to volunteer; can they sign up? What’s the minimum age for volunteering?
Our minimum age for volunteering is 14, but those between 14 and 16 years old must volunteer with a parent or guardian. Please create two separate volunteer accounts on VolunteerHub, one for you and one for your child. Parents can use their own email for both accounts — we understand that your teen may not have their own email account.
3. Do you let teens with community service requirements volunteer?
Yes! However you must let our Volunteer Coordinator or Community Engagement Manager know you are volunteering for required community service before/during the volunteer orientation. Teens have the opportunity to get community service hours by volunteering from home by working on one of the projects at this link
Teens may also find non-food drive related options here.
4. Do you have opportunities for court-mandated community service hours?
While we try to offer as many volunteer opportunities as possible, we are currently NOT accepting court-mandated community service at this time. Please check out Loudoun Cares for additional assistance or volunteer opportunities.

Click here to create a volunteer account with us.

Questions about individual volunteering opportunities? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Sababa Siddique, at 703-777-5911 Ext. 107 or email ssiddique@loudounhunger.org

Questions about group or corporate volunteering opportunities? Contact the Community Engagement Manager, Elizabeth Milkie, at 703-777-5911 Ext. 122 or email emilkie@loudounhunger.org.

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