A community where everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food.

We serve our neighbors in need with nutritious food, education, and community partnerships.

Serving Loudoun County since 1991.


We try to have as much fresh and whole food as possible


We offer nutrition and cooking classes


We serve at our Leesburg pantry and at our mobile market site in Sterling

What we do

As the population of Loudoun County has increased, the number below the poverty line has also increased and so has the number of families and individuals we help. This past year, LHR directly served more than 13,000 individuals directly and another 600-800 families each week through distribution partners with a total of about 355,000 service instances. LHR is supplying tens of thousands of pounds of emergency preparedness food. as well as continuing our regular food distributions of fresh and nutritious groceries & rescued foods. LHR is committed to providing the best possible services to all clients regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity (or expression), religion, national origin, age, disability or background. Click here to read our full policy.


How the Emergency Food System in America Works

LHR is a food pantry. We supply perishable and non-perishable food items directly to our clients. A food bank stores thousands of pounds of food, including food for USDA. Our food bank is the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Food banks supply food pantries with some free donated items and also sell food to pantries at a highly discounted price. Feeding America is the national network that includes more than 200 food banks and food rescue organizations throughout the country. LHR is a partner agency with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and a Feeding America partner as well.

What We All Work Toward

Ultimately, the goal of LHR is to provide support and assistance so that families can live in our community without a need for our services. We have had success in this goal, but new families and individuals are constantly challenged in their lives.

And, unfortunately, there are those who will always need LHR (for example, the elderly, the sick, and people with disabilities). We continue our efforts to address the hunger problems of a growing community with rapidly growing needs.

Recognition and Memberships

LHR is proud to be recognized for stellar financial management, best-practice operations, and exemplary service to our mission. Here are just a few of our awards and memberships:


Since 1991, Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) has served as Loudoun County’s primary emergency food pantry, providing food assistance to the hungry and food insecure in Loudoun. From the first humble storefront in the Virginia Village Shopping Center to the current two warehouse operation, the goal has always been the same: To ensure that no one in Loudoun County goes hungry.

In early 1991, The Loudoun Department of Social Services called a meeting of churches from Loudoun County to present an idea for a central food distribution center. Many congregations had food closets, but it was sometimes difficult to reach them and find a steady source of food. From that meeting a core group of dedicated volunteers was formed and in the coming months, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit was created. A space was donated and food service distribution began in November 1991.

Through multiple locations, thousands of volunteers, donors and food drives, and tens of thousands of people helped, LHR has been there for Loudoun.

Our volunteers, supporters and staff continue to be united by a commitment to offer support and solutions to several groups of people: (1) the working poor whose income is insufficient to cover basic necessities, (2) the unemployed, (3) the senior or the sick who cannot compete in the workplace, and (4) the homeless who have no income and cannot afford a roof over their head.

  • Established in 1991
  • Largest food pantry in Loudoun County
  • Provides food to prepare three nutritionally-balanced meals for three days
  • Non-food items provided on an as-available basis
  • Trained staff and volunteers utilize the food pyramid to design healthy meals
  • Staff members are certified food handlers
  • Affiliated with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank


When considering donating or volunteering for an organization, knowing that your money and time are going to help serve those in need is critical. Below are various documents that show Loudoun Hunger Relief’s (formerly Loudoun Interfaith Relief) sound financial stewardship and commitment to service. We are committed to transparency.

Loudoun Hunger Relief’s statement on diversity, equity, inclusion and access: At Loudoun Hunger Relief, we respect diverse life experiences and heritages, and we are committed to learning, fostering, and maintaining an environment where diversity, equity, inclusion and access are fully integrated into everything we do for the benefit of our employees, board of directors, volunteers, and the neighbors we serve. While we have more work to do to further these principles, we are committed to continually advancing, adapting and improving for our ever-evolving community and world.

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