A Bittersweet Parting

Carla Fortenberry, Loudoun Hunger Relief’s intrepid Volunteer Manager, is leaving LHR after 10 years of service to pursue her dreams. She is joining family in Florida. In a decade of service, Carla has created the warm, welcoming environment that helps to make a volunteer experience at LHR so rich. Carla built the volunteer program to its current amazing level of about 400 volunteers each year. She has welcomed many corporate teams for one time events that turned into ongoing relationships because of her great customer service.

Volunteer Manager was always the wrong title for Carla. She did so much more. She was knowledgeable in every aspect of pantry operations, and always willing to learn something new and take on a challenge. In the last year alone, she has done it all. Client services, grocery packing, food purchasing, inventory monitoring, truck fleet maintenance, insurance policy administration, and many “other duties as assigned”. Carla has literally been the right hand, arm and leg of the pantry.

She will be so, so missed but we wish her nothing but happiness in her new endeavors. Carla is helping LHR remotely for a while as we think about how to assign responsibilities and fill roles in the best possible way. This is not “goodbye”, but “until we meet again” for we surely will.

Join us in wishing Carla well, and enjoy some of the photos from her send off.


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